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  • Vestido Media Rodilla Sujetada Estampado Floral - XL Azul Claro
  • Vestido Media Rodilla Sujetada Estampado Floral - XL Azul Claro
  • Vestido Media Rodilla Sujetada Estampado Floral - XL Azul Claro
  • Vestido Media Rodilla Sujetada Estampado Floral - XL Azul Claro
  • Vestido Media Rodilla Sujetada Estampado Floral - XL Azul Claro
  • Vestido Media Rodilla Sujetada Estampado Floral - XL Azul Claro
  • Vestido Media Rodilla Sujetada Estampado Floral - XL Azul Claro

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Vestido Media Rodilla Sujetada Estampado Floral

Vestido Media Rodilla Sujetada Estampado Floral - Azul Claro Xl

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  • color:
  • Busto:40.55,Cintura:32.68,Longitud:41.73.(In inches)
  • :

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  • Convertidor: pulgada cm
Tipo: Sencillo
Peinado: Poliéster
Tipo de la falda: Línea A
Vestidos Largos: Mediados de-Becerro
Tipo de Escote : Escote en V
Longiyud de la Manga: Sin Mangas
Tipoj de patrón: floral
Con Cintutón:
Temporada: de Verano
Peso: 0.350kg
Contenio del paquete: 1 x vestido
Notas del producto:
Los clientes deben tener en cuenta que la fotografía del producto es sólo para fines ilustrativos, por ejemplo, el efecto esponjoso pronunciada representado requiere una enagua adecuado. Los clientes se recomienda encarecidamente a considerar esto antes de la compra.
Nuestro TamañoBustoCinturaLongitud
Nuestro TamañoUSUKEU
S (155/80A)0430
M (160/84A)2632
L (165/88A)4834
XL (170/92A)61036
2XL (175/96A)81238
3XL (180/100A)101440

Calificación General: 4 (20)

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  • porPatricia

    2017-04-13 23:46:41

    5Beautiful Floral Print Pin Up

    Peso:160LbsAltura:5' 9"Ajuste General:Talla RealTalla de busto:34BForma de Cuerpo:Pera o Triangulo

    I couldn't be happier with this dress. It fit nicely and looks just lovely. I get lots of looks and lots of comments on how pretty it is.

  • porRachel

    2017-01-29 21:33:30


    Peso:110LbsAltura:5' 5"Ajuste General:Talla RealTalla de busto:32CForma de Cuerpo:Cuadrado

    This dress is SO CUTE! I haven't gotten my petticoat yet, but I'm anticipating it being the perfect item to complete this look. So unique and it fits just perfectly. I've been getting frustrated with stores in my area and the clothes for girls my age because it seems like all the skirts are too short for my tastes. THIS dress is perfect length though. It fits snug around the bust without being tight at all and I'm just in love with the way the skirt flares and poofs, even on it's own without the petticoat. You could easily spend $50-$100 on a dress of equal quality - I would HIGHLY recommend this and any of the similar styles which Rose Wholesale is offering right now.

  • porJodi

    2017-01-27 15:03:14

    4Vibrant colored dress

    Peso:80LbsAltura:5' 3"Talla de busto:32AA

    The dress is very vibrant, but with a very thin fabric. If you look very closely at the photo maybe you can see that back has fabric folded over about three inches. The same goes in the front, giving it a very odd look when worn - like the colors are almost darker because of the dual layer of fabric there, but no where else.

    I was expecting the pleats to be more defined in real life and the dress to have a fuller skirt than it does.

    Pay attention to sizing dimensions. It came exactly as stated on website, but would have been more of a M or even L on other items on this website.

    Overall though it is well made and it is a fun, whimsical dress.

  • porGirl with a dress.

    2017-01-14 14:31:25


    A blast of Spring. This dress is gorgeous.

  • porKristy

    2017-08-05 08:51:13


    Lovely dress, very much suits my style. Cannot wait for the warmer weather to get more wear out of it.

  • porlou

    2017-07-24 18:21:56


    Peso:139LbsAltura:5' 8"Talla de busto:34D

    What a lovely dress nice colour feels nice also to wear everyone loves it

  • porS.N.Frey

    2017-07-21 16:00:26


    Altura:5' 2"Talla de busto:36BForma de Cuerpo:Cuadrado

    This dress is great! I got so many compliments on it. The sizing is good and the material is nice.

  • porcathrine

    2017-07-05 13:43:39


    Peso:90LbsAltura:4' 7"Ajuste General:Talla RealTalla de busto:38BForma de Cuerpo:Pera o Triangulo

    Well done rose wholesale. Thank you very much for your good service I like the dress its perfect and looks exactly as described on the photo.

  • porBrooke

    2017-06-16 09:24:09

    5Love the Floral Print!

    Peso:164LbsAltura:5' 7"Ajuste General:Talla RealTalla de busto:36DForma de Cuerpo:Reloj de Arena

    This dress is a good, quality material, and it is true to size. Perfect for Spring or summer gatherings, and it looks even better on than in the picture.

  • porAshley

    2017-05-22 20:00:37

    4Cute dress, great for summer

    Peso:160LbsAltura:5' 1"Ajuste General:Talla RealTalla de busto:36DForma de Cuerpo:Reloj de Arena

    I loved this dress. It fits well. My only critique is that the belt is useless. I would have given his 5 stars if it weren't for the belt. It doesn't stay tight, it instantly loosens and falls off. I need a pin to keep it in place. I'll just use a different belt.

  • porJenn

    2017-05-04 11:00:14

    5Love it

    Peso:125LbsAltura:5' 1"Ajuste General:Talla RealTalla de busto:32AForma de Cuerpo:Reloj de Arena

    very nice, love it. Better than expected!

  • porCaitlin

    2017-04-21 16:54:36

    5Fits okay

    Peso:170LbsAltura:5' 3"Ajuste General:Talla RealTalla de busto:38CForma de Cuerpo:Pera o Triangulo

    Fits okay but normally I do wear a medium.

  • porANITHA

    2017-04-04 22:34:53

    5LOVE IT !! LOVE IT!!!!

    I lOVE this dress. The stitching is perfect. It's made of a very nice cotton cloth. Exactly like what you see in the picture.
    Good job guys!!!

  • porKaren

    2017-03-15 04:19:37


    Ajuste General:Talla RealForma de Cuerpo:Reloj de Arena

    This is a well made dress very happy with it I'm a size 10 NZ so bought a 1 XL. took a long time to get here compared to other sites but worth the wait.

  • porBarb

    2017-03-06 06:35:52

    5Floral print dress

    Peso:176LbsAltura:5' 4"Ajuste General:Talla RealTalla de busto:38CForma de Cuerpo:Reloj de Arena

    Love this dress, so comfortable to wear, thank you

  • porAnnika

    2017-02-28 10:17:57


    Ajuste General:Talla RealForma de Cuerpo:Busto Grande

    Love everything about this dress. THe pattern is so much fun with the tiny bees even on the belt. The notched neckline is very flattering, and the material is light and cool.

  • porColleen

    2017-02-05 01:56:26

    5colourful cotton

    Peso:154LbsAltura:5' 3"Ajuste General:Talla RealTalla de busto:36DForma de Cuerpo:Pera o Triangulo

    LOve this dress. Fresh colours, true to picture and great quality cotton. Comes with a nice belt.

  • porKelly

    2017-01-31 20:16:21

    5Great Flattering Dress

    Peso:180LbsAltura:5' 4"Ajuste General:GrandeTalla de busto:38DForma de Cuerpo:Busto Grande

    I love this dress. It is so flattering to larger women. I can't wait to wear it. I'm actually contemplating buying it in a size smaller too so that I have it when I lose weight. I've always fluctuated in my weight and don't want to get caught not being able to wear it! Great dress!

  • porArmanda

    2017-01-20 20:52:45

    5je désire retourner la robe trop grande trop large merci de me répondrendemande retour robe trop large

    demande le retour robe trop grande trop large merci de me répondre

  • porDaniela Freye

    2017-01-16 10:05:05

    5Beautiful dress good stuff came on time

    Beautiful dress good stuff came on time

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    S (155/80A)0430
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